At Halltec HVAC, we have pledged to take care of your air conditioning repair Greenville NCand surrounding areas. In our more than two decades of service, we have received thousands of calls regarding heating and air conditioning issues. Some problems we dealt with were simple to fix when the others tested hour endurance. Today we are going to share the most common problems that we have solved for Greenville homeowners.

The Most Common Problems faced by Greenville homeowners

Malfunctioning Thermostat: 

A faulty thermostat will work as a barrier to your HVAC unit. Moreover, your device will never work as it should if the problem is with the thermostat. We have fixed faults in many thermostats, but sometimes, we found out the problem was easy to handle by the homeowners themselves. Thus, we suggest before you call as for an HVAC repair in Greenville, NC, check your thermostat configuration according to the weather and also replace your old batteries.

If the troubleshooting procedure does not solve the problem, we are here to fix it.

Strange Noises: 

Many homeowners have faced the problem of a noise-making HVAC unit. If you and hearing unusual noises from any of your HVAC devices, it’s enough for you to schedule an HVAC repair Greenville NC, with us. Sounds like rattling, banging, and whining may indicate that there is something wrong with your device, which is preventing the system from functioning properly. If left unmanaged, your HVAC system may be at risk of a sudden breakdown.

Water Leakages: 

It is quite common for your heating and cooling appliances to produce moisture that passes through the drainage pipe, but if there is any clog or crack in the drain lines, you may experience a leak. Many homeowners had to deal with a broken HVAC unit as they avoided the leakage for a long time.

Avoiding leaks means you are compromising the functioning of an HVAC system. Water leakage from your HVAC unit is a serious problem and you need to call us as soon as possible to get the HVAC repair in Greenville, NC, to determine the source of the leak.

Smelly HVAC Unit:

Many of our clients have reported that as soon as they change their HVAC unit, things feel in their place. The problem may arise due to clogged air filters or dirty vents. We suggest that every homeowner replace the air filters every 30 to 60 days, considering the condition of the existing air filters. Additionally, we suggest checking the vents occasionally and clean them with a soft-bristled brush, if necessary. Leaving the dirt in your device for longer can make the unit overworking and increase electricity bills.

Halltec HVAC is always there to meet all your HVAC repair and maintenance needs. Along with all other services, we also offer heater installation Greenville NC through trained and certified professionals. Call us at (252) 221-3850 or fill out our contact form to request an emergency HVAC repair in Greenville, NC. We also serve the surrounding areas of Greenville.

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