How Can Humidity Impact The Indoor Air Quality In Greenville, NC?

Have you ever noticed difficulty breathing indoors, itchy skin, musty odors while your HVAC unit is running? Indoor air quality Greenville NC, depends on many factors. Humidity is one of them. 

Some Signs That Indicate the Level of Humidity is High Indoors

High humidity levels not only have an adverse health effect but also make you feel uncomfortable at home. You notice having constant headaches, itchy skin, cough, etc. Despite all these other signs include:

Musty Smell

If the level of humidity is high indoors, it results in the growth of mold. This causes musty-like odors emitting from your HVAC unit. Other symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes and skin irritation are noticed. 

Water Droplets On the Windows

If you can visibly see water droplets forming on your windows like condensation, this means the level of humidity is high.

Mold Spots

If there is excess humidity present inside the room for a longer time, there is a growth of bacteria and other particles. 

Some Signs That Indicate the Level of Humidity is Low Indoors

If you experience low humidity, it can also pose certain safety hazards to you and your loved ones. We also provide services like Ac replacement Greenville NC, repair, installation and more.

Some common signs of low humidity include:

  • Dry skin, stuffy nose, dry throat, sore eyes, and constant headaches.
  • Redness
  • Static electricity

Reasons Why There is a High Humidity Problem

It is a must to control the humidity levels to maintain indoor air quality. If the humidity levels are not controlled, it causes various health concerns. To ensure good indoor air quality in Greenville, NC, install an efficient HVAC unit that absorbs all the moisture and emits it outside the house. If  you are also facing these issues contact the best AC company Winterville NC. Some reasons why your HVAC unit cannot control the humidity level include:

The AC Unit is Too Large

Installing the correct size AC unit is essential. When you install an AC unit that is too large, the unit will not absorb the humidity from the room efficiently. A larger AC unit will also face short cycles, ending up in hiked utility bills. 

Wrong Thermostat Setting

If you notice high humidity levels inside your home while your HVAC system is running, this may be because of your thermostat setting. Install a programmable thermostat to avoid this issue. 

Constant Speed

If your HVAC unit is running at a constant speed, it will run until it reaches the desired temperature, and then it will switch off. When the temperature reaches above the thermostat setting, it will turn off. This way, your HVAC unit will not be able to remove the humidity effectively. Reach out to an expert in HVAC repair Greenville NC, to resolve this issue. 

Age of the Unit

Like other electrical appliances, HVAC units also have a defined lifetime. They cannot last forever. If your HVAC unit has lasted for more than ten years, then it’s time to consider new options. This may be one of the many reasons why your HVAC unit cannot absorb the heat energy from the surroundings, thereby leaving humidity in the atmosphere.  

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