Is A Tune-Up For My AC Required?

Air conditioners have become a common home appliance in almost every household. Because many of us rely so heavily on AC’s, they require regular AC maintenance on time. For the best AC service in Winterville, NC, contact Halltec HVAC. Our HVAC technicians can provide this service as per your requirements.

As per our HVAC specialists, opt for an on-time AC tune-up to prevent any costly service in the future. It will save you money and time in the long run.

In the blog, we will tell you how you can transform the condition of your air conditioning system by performing a tune-up service.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance.

System Longevity

Typically an air conditioner runs for about 15 to 20 years, depending on how you take care of it. If you have maintained your air conditioner meticulously, its lifespan will increase staggeringly. The more you allow the system to work freely, the more time it can serve you. One of our AC tune-up experts in Winterville, NC, will tell you the same.

Control the Energy Bill Hike

Halltec HVAC provides the best AC maintenance in Winterville, NC and surrounding areas. Performing maintenance on your unit can help you save on your energy bill. If your air conditioner runs into fewer problems throughout the season and doesn’t have to work hard, it will consume less energy. As a result, your energy bill will not hike unnecessarily.

Repair Work Lessens

When the need for repair work lessens, you can understand that the AC is working quite well, and this is only possible when you opt for regular maintenance service. However, if you ignore this important service, you may need an AC replacement in Greenville, NC.

Efficient Cooling

When you ensure the quality maintenance of your system, you can understand how efficiently the AC will run. The service of an AC depends on every part- air filters, condensate unit, evaporator coils, thermostat, etc. A good AC tune-up ensures that these parts are inspected, checked, and repaired (if required).

Peace of Mind

AC tune-up service has an added advantage. When you know your system has undergone a professional maintenance service, you will not have any reason to worry. As a result, you can enjoy comfort in your room peacefully. For the best AC contractor in Greenville, NC, contact Halltec HVAC.

The Best Time to Opt For AC Tune-Up Service.

According to the experts, you must at least opt for two maintenance services a year – once for summer and once for winter. While you can tune up your system in a DIY method for some of the easy work, choosing a professional service provider for the rest of the job will be wise. Otherwise, you will have to opt for AC replacement. Halltec HVAC provides the best services of AC tune – up in Winterville, NC and the surrounding areas.


The more you avoid AC maintenance, the more you will put your system at risk. At this point, contact a professional service provider – Halltec HVAC. Our HVAC services are affordable and professional only. We believe in providing exceptional service for your air conditioner at home. Call us at (252) 221-3850 to learn more about us.

8 Amazing Facts you do not know About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning has transformed tremendously. The use of the AC system is more than just a luxury. This technology has made our everyday lives more comfortable and productive. But does your AC get to rest? HVAC service in  Greenville, NC, and no, they don’t always get it.

We’ve gathered a few unexpectedly surprising and entertaining air conditioning statistics to demonstrate how much the AC system has changed our lives and helped our struggle against the excruciating summer heat.

Eight Interesting Facts About Your Air Conditioner

The First Air Conditioner.

The first air conditioner was invented in 180 AD. Unexpectedly, a Chinese engineer named Ding Huan created the first air conditioner or proto-air conditioner in Han Dynasty China. He developed a manually operated rotating fan with seven wheels roughly ten feet in diameter. The large air conditioner fan was operated by turning a wheel. The structure of this AC was simple, so it didn’t need much AC repair in Greenville, NC.

Air Conditioning Was Meant For The Movie Industry.

You might be shocked to know that movie theatres were among the first commercial establishments to adopt air conditioning. The most anticipated films were released in theatres throughout the summer as a marketing technique to attract moviegoers. At that point, the phrase “Summer Blockbuster” was coined.

The Strength of Ice

Ice power was used to measure the output settings of AC systems. It implies that the output ratings were determined based on the number of ice blocks necessary to generate the same cooling power.

ACs Were Not Designed For Human Use.

In 1902, heat and humidity severely hampered the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company’s printing operations. To regulate humidity, Willis Carrier created a device he termed “Apparatus for Treating Air.” The employment of chilled coils assisted in producing the necessary outcomes, and it didn’t take long for big buildings to start utilizing hefty air conditioners.

The First Home ACs Were Large And Expensive.

When air conditioners were initially made available to the general public, they had to buy a unit roughly 2 metres wide, 2 metres high, and 6 metres long. The cost of early air conditioners ranged from $10,000 to $50,000. In current dollars, that equates to between $120,000 and $600,000.

The Architecture Was Changed By Air Conditioning.

Buildings and homes were constructed with breezeways, high ceilings, etc., to maximize airflow before air conditioning transformed how people lived. But when air conditioners were invented, everything was different. These days, homes and buildings make it simple to integrate air conditioning. This also makes AC service in Greenville, NC, easier.

It Has Altered Our Heat Capacity.

According to several scientific studies, people who become accustomed to living in air-conditioned spaces have decreased heat tolerance. It implies that a person will experience a normal hot summer day as being more intense than people did in earlier generations.

Using Air Conditioning Has Helped Reduce Summer Heat.

The sweltering summers can be both fatal and miserable. Many people have been killed due to heat waves rather than all the other natural disasters combined. One of the best strategies for dealing with heat waves now is air conditioning. Hence, AC service in Greenville, NC, is quite essential.

Halltech HVAC For a Highly Functional HVAC System

In the summer, your AC must receive a lot of attention from the AC contractor in Greenville, NC, during maintenance visits. It’s remarkable to see how the modern air conditioner has changed since it was first created to regulate humidity. Selecting the correct air conditioner system for your home or workplace is essential as they have advanced significantly from the noisy, energy-guzzling ones of the past.

As an AC contractor in Greenville, NC, we are ready to provide guidance and service regarding air conditioners. Our professionals can offer you time-saving solutions as they have years of experience in the industry. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Can Air Purification Give Protection From COVID-19?

Wearing a mask properly and practicing good social distancing can significantly reduce the COVID-19 spread via droplet transmission. However, concerns about possible aerosol information have prompted many to consider air purifiers. So, how do different types of air purifiers function? Is there a way to tell if they’re effective against COVID-19? 

According to experts, most air purifiers are either filters or sanitizers or, in some cases, both. Filters improve IAQ by physically removing tiny particles of matter such as dust, pollen, and pet dander that may be floating around. 

Sanitizers are used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungal spores that may be present. UV air purifiers Winterville NC, are currently the most common type of sanitizer.

Types of Air Purifiers

Given below are a few types of air purifiers:

  • HEPA Filters

According to experts in AC service Winterville NC, these filters are excellent at sucking contaminants from the air and holding them in place so that they cannot be recirculated. 

  • Ionizers

An ionizer gives air particles an electrical charge, which attracts them to something with a negative electrical charge. 

  • Ozone Generators

The ozone generator increases the number of atoms in a standard oxygen molecule from two to three. 

  • UV Light Air Purifiers

UV air purifiers in Winterville, NC, are made to expose any viruses, bacteria, or mold spores floating around to ultraviolet light, which will kill them.

Are Any Of These Air Purifiers COVID-19-Resistant?

As the coronavirus is at the lower end of the HEPA filter’s range, a single pass may not be 100 percent effective. However, if a HEPA system is used for an extended period, it can remove many viruses — in the high ninetieth percentile (99.94 to 99.97 percent). COVID-19 virus can be rendered inactive by prolonged exposure to UV light in an air purifying device.

During The COVID-19 Pandemic, Under What Circumstances Should People Use An Air Purifier?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your home is usually the safest place. That’s why an average person probably doesn’t need an air purifier if they wear a mask and practice good social distancing whenever they go out.

However, suppose someone in your household has COVID-19 or needs to be quarantined until they can be sure they don’t have it. In that case, it might be a good idea to keep an air purifier in their room.

If a family member is at high risk of contracting COVID-19 or developing complications, it’s also something to think about.

Quick Guidelines For Selecting An Air Purifier

Here are a few regulations that can help you select an air purifier:

  • Decide where you want to put your air purifier.
  • Select an air purifier that can filter out pollutants specific to your homes, like pet dander or cigarette smoke
  • Examine CADR ratings, which indicate how quickly an air purifier filters the air
  • Buy a HEPA filter air purifier.
  • Look at the noise levels in the product specifications.
  • Calculate the cost of ongoing maintenance and electricity for the air purifier to budget for it after the initial purchase

Make sure the air purifier’s energy costs and ongoing maintenance costs are within your budget. Contact Halltec HVAC at (252) 221-3850 or drop us an email here if you’re looking for reliable AC contractors Greenville NC.