Eight Amazing Facts you do not know About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning has transformed tremendously. The use of the AC system is more than just a luxury. This technology has made our everyday lives more comfortable and productive. But does your AC get to rest? HVAC service in  Greenville, NC, and no, they don’t always get it.

We’ve gathered a few unexpectedly surprising and entertaining air conditioning statistics to demonstrate how much the AC system has changed our lives and helped our struggle against the excruciating summer heat.

Eight Interesting Facts About Your Air Conditioner

The First Air Conditioner.

The first air conditioner was invented in 180 AD. Unexpectedly, a Chinese engineer named Ding Huan created the first air conditioner or proto-air conditioner in Han Dynasty China. He developed a manually operated rotating fan with seven wheels roughly ten feet in diameter. The large air conditioner fan was operated by turning a wheel. The structure of this AC was simple, so it didn’t need much AC repair in Greenville, NC.

Air Conditioning Was Meant For The Movie Industry.

You might be shocked to know that movie theatres were among the first commercial establishments to adopt air conditioning. The most anticipated films were released in theatres throughout the summer as a marketing technique to attract moviegoers. At that point, the phrase “Summer Blockbuster” was coined.

The Strength of Ice

Ice power was used to measure the output settings of AC systems. It implies that the output ratings were determined based on the number of ice blocks necessary to generate the same cooling power.

ACs Were Not Designed For Human Use.

In 1902, heat and humidity severely hampered the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company’s printing operations. To regulate humidity, Willis Carrier created a device he termed “Apparatus for Treating Air.” The employment of chilled coils assisted in producing the necessary outcomes, and it didn’t take long for big buildings to start utilizing hefty air conditioners.

The First Home ACs Were Large And Expensive.

When air conditioners were initially made available to the general public, they had to buy a unit roughly 2 metres wide, 2 metres high, and 6 metres long. The cost of early air conditioners ranged from $10,000 to $50,000. In current dollars, that equates to between $120,000 and $600,000.

The Architecture Was Changed By Air Conditioning.

Buildings and homes were constructed with breezeways, high ceilings, etc., to maximize airflow before air conditioning transformed how people lived. But when air conditioners were invented, everything was different. These days, homes and buildings make it simple to integrate air conditioning. This also makes air conditioning services in Greenville, NC, easier.

It Has Altered Our Heat Capacity.

According to several scientific studies, people who become accustomed to living in air-conditioned spaces have decreased heat tolerance. It implies that a person will experience a normal hot summer day as being more intense than people did in earlier generations.

Using Air Conditioning Has Helped Reduce Summer Heat.

The sweltering summers can be both fatal and miserable. Many people have been killed due to heat waves rather than all the other natural disasters combined. One of the best strategies for dealing with heat waves now is air conditioning. Hence, AC replacement in Greenville, NC, is quite essential.

Halltech HVAC For a Highly Functional HVAC System

In the summer, your AC must receive a lot of attention from the AC contractor in Greenville, NC, during maintenance visits. It’s remarkable to see how the modern air conditioner has changed since it was first created to regulate humidity. Selecting the correct air conditioner system for your home or workplace is essential as they have advanced significantly from the noisy, energy-guzzling ones of the past.

As an AC contractor in Greenville, NC, we are ready to provide guidance and service regarding air conditioners. Our professionals can offer you time-saving solutions as they have years of experience in the industry. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

Why Is It Important To Schedule AC Maintenance?

In the upcoming weeks, you might be tempted to skip your yearly AC maintenance; after all, your house cooling system was operating without a problem the previous year. The issue with going without maintenance is it ignores one of your central air conditioner’s most essential components: the fact that it’s a machine that degrades performance without adequate maintenance.

The truth is without appropriate maintenance, your air conditioner loses an average of 5% of its efficiency yearly and requires AC contractor Greenville NC , sooner than expected. As a result, purchasing an AC service plan will more than pay for itself in energy savings.

Benefits of Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

Expert air conditioning specialists thoroughly inspect your cooling system during routine AC maintenance in Winterville, NC, to identify any issues and ensure it is prepared for the stress of regular operation throughout a hot summer.


Increasing Comfort

You stay comfortable throughout the year thanks to your HVAC system. Your system generates and disperses cold air more steadily and uniformly with the help of routine maintenance. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that you’ll one day return home from work to find hot air blaring from your vents.

Fresh Air

Regular AC maintenance Winterville NC, ensures you breathe clean air, free from contaminants like dust and bacteria. Every type of impurity in the air conditioner is reduced by maintenance.

Extended AC Life

Having one at home is pointless if regular maintenance is not given to the air conditioner. Regular maintenance ensures that your air conditioner operates effectively and lasts a long time.

Helps the Environment

HFCs are artificial greenhouse gasses that are produced as a result of AC issues like refrigerant leakage. These gasses are harmful and play a significant role in accelerating global warming. Such leakage difficulties are relatively infrequent when your air conditioner is regularly maintained.


Remain Covered by the Warranty

It’s vital to be aware that when a warranty repair claim is made, most HVAC manufacturers want documentation of yearly maintenance. A small investment in regular maintenance to keep some of the more pricey HVAC system parts covered by your warranty can save you a lot of money if something goes wrong.

Reduce Energy Costs

You can reduce your expensive electricity expenses and replacements by promptly scheduling air conditioning repairs Greenville NC. Preventive maintenance makes sure that your HVAC system operates as efficiently as possible. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you could save up to 30% on energy costs and postpones air conditioning repair in Greenville, NC.

To Sum Up

Your AC works hard to keep your family comfortable, but that effort comes at a cost: wear and tear. While you might not notice this wear and tear right away, it happens frequently enough to create the potential for long-term issues. Any home cooling system needs to be tuned annually; book yours now.

Contact Halltec HVAC right now to get started. You’ll receive discounts on new equipment, a yearly tune-up, parts and labor on covered repairs, and more. Contact us at (252) 221-3850 for AC repair in Greenville, NC.

6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Declining In Efficiency

An expensive air conditioner from a trusted company cannot assure you that it will live forever. There will be times you will need to repair your air conditioner unit. Many times, owners ignore the decline in the efficiency level of their air conditioner. They forget the lifespan of their air conditioner and use the same model even when they need a new one. Contact us now and get the best AC replacement in Greenville, NC.

Six Signs for Air Conditioner Repair

There are some signs that you need to keep an eye on that will give you signs when you need an AC repair in Greenville, NC:

• Lack of Cool Air

Sometimes, owners think their air conditioner unit is not cooling because of the hot temperature. When there is a lack of cool air, there is a high probability that the compressor is unable to work properly. You can check the air ducts and compressor in case of dirt and dust particles and clean them if present.

• Weird Noises

Be alert when you hear different noises because your air conditioner unit may fail at anytime. These weird noises indicate that the air conditioner parts are losing up and can fall apart. The best thing to do is to call a professional for an AC tune-up in Winterville, NC. They will inspect your air conditioner unit and suggest a plan of action.

• Unpleasant Smell

It is agitating to deal with an unpleasant smell from the air conditioner. However, this smell indicates that there is burning in wires or mold in the ducts. There are chances you will need to replace the ducts and the wires. However, if you ignore this smell, your air conditioner unit will burst due to burning wires, or your house will not cool properly. Halltec HVAC also offers services like indoor air quality in Greenville, NC.

• Increase in Electricity Bill

Despite minimal running of the air conditioner, you notice that your electricity bill is rising. It is because your air conditioner is becoming inefficient. Contact the seller’s company and discuss the matter with them. See which option is better, repair or replacement. Further ignorance may result in absolute damage to parts.

• Continuous Working

A system that works for too many hours indicates it is facing some issues, and the issue may be a decline in its efficiency. Since your air conditioner is losing its efficiency, it will have to work extra hours to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature in your home, leading to continuous working.

• Water Leakages

Water leakages are common in several air conditioners, whether new or old. However, when the leakages become too frequent, they can create problems like rusting issues and bacterial growth in your home. Excessive damage to the drain line and drain pan may decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner.


These were some visible signs that your air conditioner may be declining in efficiency. However, several other hidden signs also decline the working efficiency of your system, and you need to contact a reputable company like Halltec HVAC to help you with this. Contact us for services like furnace installation and AC installation in Greenville, NC.

Tips To Increase Your AC Unit Efficiency This Summer

The summer’s temperature will be the highest on the temperature scale because of global warming and other climatic disturbing factors. It is better to get ready to receive high electricity bills because the air conditioning will be on from morning until night.

The excessive usage may exhaust the AC components, and the AC parts may develop issues causing inefficient services. The worst part of AC system developing problems leads to sudden breakdown. Halltec HVAC also provide services like indoor air quality in Greenville, NC.

How to Maintain the AC System for This Year's Summer?

If you want your AC system to work perfectly for the whole summer season without any tantrums or issues, you have to follow a schedule to make your wish come true. 

The first step to avoid calling the AC repair in Greenville, NC, is to call the maintenance service before you begin the summer season. Professional maintenance services before the beginning are necessary because your AC system is coming out of a long slumber period, and the dust and dirt might cause complications in the future. It is better to resolve the issues before they become a problem.  

After the maintenance services, you should maintain a weekly schedule to keep the AC system in the best health. Our AC replacement Greenville, NC, has made a list that will help you maintain the AC system: 

  • Keep the air filter clean and free from dust and dirt. It is better to replace the air filter after three months or clean it monthly with a brush.
  • To reduce the pressure and workload on the AC system, keep the condenser fins and coils clean with the help of a small and soft bristle brush. Remember, the condenser fins are delicate, and they get easily bent if you scrub them hard. 
  • Trim your backyard weekly and eliminate the foliage and external matter that can quickly get inside the AC system.
  • Keep looking at the repair signs that signal an issue is developing inside the unit, and address it to the AC repair Greenville, NC. 

Affordable Tips to Increase the AC System Efficiency

Here are some tips from our expert and experienced AC replacement in Greenville, NC, that will bring a change in the AX system operation and cooling services:

  • Close the windows and lower the curtains or blinds during the hottest times of the day (between 10 AM to 5 PM).
  • Avoid using heating appliances in the room where the AC system is working. Open the windows and kitchen vents during cooking for ventilation.
  • Adjust your thermostat settings and keep the temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Use ceiling fans with an AC system to increase the cooling efficiency and maintain the temperature.
  • Give a break of 3-4 hours to the AC system to save the AC system from an exhaustive working regime.

If you are tired of searching AC repair Greenville, NC, and if you have not found a reliable and professional company to operate your HVAC system, we are here to assist you in each way. If you are reading this blog, you have come to the perfect place because our skilled technicians provide the best and most affordable heating maintenance in Greenville, NC and surrounding areas.

Contact HallTec HVAC at (252)221-3850 if you want a repair, replacement, or HVAC emergency services.

Is it Important To Hire A Professional To Install Your Air Conditioner?

You may feel excited whenever you hear the term “do it yourself.” DIY gives the satisfaction of doing hard things ourselves with some tips and tricks. DIY is good for beautifying your home with decor, cleaning the electric equipment, for troubleshooting gadgets’ minor issues but not for AC installation. 

DIY AC installation has no benefits, not even saving money. It can later bring more expenses for you due to poor AC installation. It hardly has any benefits but many drawbacks. Contact us for the best AC replacement in Greenville, NC.

Five Reasons You Should Hire A Professional For AC Installation

Given below are a few reasons why you should hire a professional for AC installation.

1. They Have Training and Experience:

The most important thing one must have to perform AC installation is training. AC installation seems very easy after reading the manual, but it is a hard job. AC installation is risky as well as complex. 

The technician who has training and experience can handle any complexity during AC installation with ease. The AC technician must have certification by NATE to professionally install the AC. If you are looking for any heater service, contact the best heating repair in Winterville, NC.

2. They Have All The Required Equipment:

The professional will have all the necessary and expensive tools for air conditioner installation. These tools will ensure durable installation. We don’t usually have all of the tools required for the HVAC installation process, and to purchase them all, we will have to spend more than the installation cost. Halltec HVAC also provide other services like heating maintenance in Greenville, NC.

3. They Will Do The Job Quickly:

The installation process that takes a maximum of 10 hours and is a one-day job can take more of your valuable time if you start installing your AC without proper knowledge and specialization. By investing your valuable time in AC installation, you may have to neglect your other important chores.

4. Value Your Time and Money:

One should always value time and money. A professional AC installation service saves both time and money. 

The AC professional will install the air conditioner quickly and efficiently. You will not have to bear repetitive repair charges, high electricity bills, etc., due to improper AC unit installation.

5. Liability Of The Service:

The AC company in Winterville, NC will take liability for its action. They will be responsible for any AC damage during installation. They also provide you with a warranty on their AC service and installed equipment.

Thus, this makes professional AC installation more reliable and durable than DIY AC installation.

Professional AC installation saves you from many negative consequences of DIY installation. Due to the absence of training, you may end up installing the AC unit at the wrong location, connecting wiring inaccurately, or leaving any bolt loose. 

These mistakes will not show after-effects immediately after the AC installation, but soon these will make way for several AC issues. These AC issues will annoy you with constant AC repair in Greenville, NC. 

Halltec HVAC will not let this happen. We are known for providing affordable and appreciable HVAC services in Greenville, NC, and surrounding areas. We also offer no-interest financing for 18 months.

Schedules service now for HVAC installation, tune-up, repair, and electrical services.