Do These 6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks

Your air conditioning unit is meant to keep your home cool in the summer, but it, like any other equipment, needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. While certain maintenance tasks should be left to a professional from a reliable AC contractor Greenville NCothers can be completed by you. Here are six main air conditioning maintenance tasks that you can do on your own – 

Replace Your Air Filter

Check the unit’s air filter and replace it if necessary before turning on your air conditioner for the season. In addition to enhancing airflow and overall system efficiency, a new air filter will produce cleaner, fresher indoor air.

Ensure the Condenser is Clean

As it sits outdoors, an air conditioner’s condenser can collect dirt and debris over time, reducing its efficiency. As a result, it’s a wise decision to clean it thoroughly before turning it on for the summer. After cutting off electricity to the unit, remove the fan cage and use a brush or compressed air source to sweep out any leaves, cobwebs, and other debris.

The condenser coils, which make up the grill-like exterior walls of the unit, should then be cleaned. Spray the coils with a coil cleaner after removing loose dirt buildup with a brush.

Remove the Evaporator Coil and Clean it

Your evaporator coil should be cleaned regularly since it is the component of your air conditioning system where the refrigerant absorbs heat to generate cool air. Open the door of the blower unit to get to the evaporator coil (you may have to loosen a few screws and some duct tape). After brushing off the coil with a soft-bristled brush, sprinkle it with your commercial coil cleaner. 

Not like the last applications, there’s no need to rinse the cleaner off the coil; it’ll just flow into the condensate drip pan afterward foaming up.

Ensure the Condensate Drain is Clean

Condensed moisture and water vapor are routed to a termination point outside the residence when an air conditioner operates. Since algae and sludge buildup can block this drain over time, it’s a wise option to clean it out regularly. Use a wet/dry vacuum to sweep up any residual buildup at the drain endpoint (search for a PVC pipe projecting from the base of your home)

Running a long wire into the line or flushing it with a bleach and water solution are the other two methods. 

During the Winter Months, Cover the Compressor Unit

When your air conditioner isn’t in use during the winter, cover the compressor unit (since it’s outdoors) with a towel to keep dust and grime out.

Don’t Forget to Schedule an Air Conditioning Service

Always contact an AC service expert for a comprehensive cleaning and servicing of your air conditioner before the summer season begins. When you hire an ac service specialist, make sure he inspects all of the AC components, such as the coils, compressor, fins, filters, and drains, and conducts the required servicing.

By completing these six simple tasks, you can make sure your AC stays in its best shape. Looking for air conditioning repair Greenville NC? Contact Halltec HVAC by calling them, or by visiting their website today!

How Does Your HVAC System Work?

Your HVAC system manages the heating and cooling of your house. You’ll never be miserable in the middle of the summer or the dead of winter if you invest in a high-quality system. The best possible way to ignore regular HVAC repair Greenville NCis to purchase an effective working HVAC system after carefully understanding what an HVAC system is and how it works!

Heating and Cooling Systems

It’s essential to understand the operation of various heating and cooling distribution systems. This will assist you in understanding your HVAC system in a better manner.

Forced Air Systems (FAS)

A forced-air system uses a blower to drive hot or cold air through the metal ducts. Depending on whether you’re using an air conditioner or the furnace, hot air is pumped through one set of ducts, and cold air is directed through another set.

Gravity Systems

Gravity systems work on the notion that cold air sinks and hot air soars. As a result, a gravity system cannot be combined with an air conditioner. The basement is where these systems are located. Hot air rises through the ceiling and warms your house when it is turned on. 

Radiant Systems

Just like gravity systems, radiant systems have the same difficulty. They aren’t compatible with air conditioners. The floors, walls, and ceilings of a room are heated using a radiant heating system. However, they’re most typically used to heat radiators, which spread heat throughout your home.

Components of HVAC Systems and How They Work

It’s vital to understand the numerous components that make up the HVAC system so you can understand how they work together. Even though different models have unique characteristics, there are very few variations in their core components. Each HVAC system is made up of four essential elements. If you need HVAC service Greenville NC, contact Halltec HVAC to get the best HVAC services.


The air is heated by the furnace using natural gas or oil. A heat exchanger is a component of the furnace that heats the air to the desired temperature. The furnace is generally located in the attic, basement, or a separate storage room.

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is located outside of your home. It performs the task of cooling the air. It cools the air using electricity and a coolant liquid, delivering hot air outside and cold air.


Ductwork is a distribution system for hot and cold air in the house. It distributes the cold/hot air throughout your home’s interior.


A thermostat is your system’s brain. It can switch your system on and off, adjust the temperature, and handle any other particular features you’ve added to it.

An HVAC system is not as complex as you think it is. If you’re considering putting a new HVAC system in your house, make sure you have done your research first!

An HVAC system, just like other systems, is also prone to breakdowns, and if your unit is encountering any such problem, don’t hesitate to contact Halltec HVAC to schedule a service todayThey’re the most prominent providers of first-rate HVAC services at the most reasonable rates! Call them!

Reasons To Call In Professionals For HVAC Repairing Instead Of Local Technicians

Almost every urban family in Greenville has an air conditioner used extensively. Air conditioners need proper and regular maintenance to keep them in their best condition. If their servicing is not done timely, the components in the air conditioner can face untimely damage.

Air conditioner owners prefer to call in for their local technicians to repair their systems. It may save them a few extra dollars, but this will harm them in the long run. If your air conditioner faces any damage or technical issue, you should call a professional team for its repair. Some of the many reasons why you should prefer a professional AC repair Greenville NC, team instead of a local technician – 

Safety of the Person Repairing the System

An air conditioner has many components and technical equipment. Some are not hazardous, but some are dangerous to health. There are many wires and gases like freons that can harm the person who is repairing the air conditioner if not handled with care. So, calling a professional and trained technician is the safest option for you and your family.

Accurate Diagnosis of the Problem

There are many problems in an air conditioner, like inefficient cooling, caused by various components. Inefficient cooling can be due to lower refrigerant levels, or it can be due to leakages in the ductwork. The technician you call for the repair must be trained and skilled enough to analyze the problem and the problem-causing component accurately so that you do not spend extra money and time due to your system.

The Rate at Which Your Technician Works

Calling an unskillful technician for your air conditioner’s servicing can be frustrating if they are not working at the pace you want them to. A broken air conditioner is itself frustrating, and if the repair person is not working fast, it increases the frustration. A professional will not make you wait long for your air conditioner to start working properly. If you are searching for a professional to replace your AC. Contact Halltec HVAC for AC replacement Winterville NC.

Tools That the Technicians Use

Using the right tools is the most important part of fixing your air conditioners. You cannot expect your air conditioner to function efficiently if the technician uses the wrong or old tools.

The Problem May Worsen

If the technician is not skilled, the repair work may go down, and you end up paying more than what you should have. A skilled technician will not make you spend more than what is needed to solve the problem without any extra expenses.

Lack of Experience

Giving the responsibility of repairing your air conditioner to a less skilled technician is a big gamble. There may be many other hidden issues that your local technician may not be able to grasp due to less experience.

We can provide you with all types of air conditioning services at nominal rates. If you are looking for HVAC repair Greenville NC, call us at (252)-221-3850 or drop us an email at to book your appointment today!


5 Important HVAC Warning Signs that Should not Be Ignored

Nothing can beat owning an HVAC unit to help combat the heat in summer or the chill of the winter, except, of course, not having the system working. Many people get frustrated when their air conditioner or heater stops working. What they don’t realize is that for the many months that these systems have been forgotten and not serviced, they have been accumulating dust and deteriorating, causing them to wear out and eventually break down. However, it is possible to get the system fixed by calling for an HVAC repair in Greenville, NC, as soon as you notice it starting to give trouble.

HVAC Warnings Signs to Always be on the Lookout For

When your AC is in good condition, then the chances of you requesting an AC service Winterville NC reduces. To ensure this happens for all your HVAC systems, it is best to always keep an eye out for these signs – 

Raise in Your Energy Bill

It may seem like a slight possibility but, your HVAC systems are frequently to blame for an increase in your energy cost, especially during the months when they are in use. This is frequently owing to their inefficiency as a result of poor maintenance. To function correctly, the system must pull in larger amounts of energy.

Burning Smell

Burning odors suggest that cables within your HVAC system are about to catch on fire. When you spot a problem, the first thing you should do is turn off the system and call for a Greenville HVAC repair. Burning wires are hazardous because they can rapidly create a fire hazard. 

Gas Leaks

Because the fragrance is natural, many individuals are unaware that they have a gas leak in their homes. If you start smelling a rotten egg odor in your house after ruling out all other possibilities, your HVAC system may be leaking gas. This is a dangerous situation that should be treated by a professional right away.

Drainage Issues

Drainage problems frequently result in there being puddles of liquid under or around your HVAC unit. This could be due to a leak that has sprouted in your system. In air conditioning systems, the problem is often related to the compressor drain being too full or the refrigerant level being too low. Once noticed, call for an air conditioning repair Greenville NC, as refrigerant is dangerous to handle alone.

The Lifespan of the System

While some may think this is unimportant, the lifespan of an HVAC unit plays an important factor in its condition. The older a system is, the faster it begins to wear out. Keep track of how long you have had your system. Once it reaches the 10-year mark, the time to consider getting it replaced has come.  

Halltec HVAC is one of the best in the business working towards providing you with the best HVAC repair Greenville NC. For those looking for a way to save on your systems, we offer competitive prices along with financial support. Call us up on (252) 221-3850 to get your system inspected. For more information, you can drop a mail at

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

You cannot simply imagine summers without an air conditioner. It is the only thing that keeps you going through summers till the winter season comes. However, there comes a time when you’d need to say goodbye to your old AC to get a good one. 

There are several signs that you can observe to know when you need to replace your AC. If you are wondering what these signs are, we have got you covered. Below are the four signs that point towards AC replacement.

Frequent Breakdowns

Frequent breakdowns are one of the most significant signs of an ineffective air conditioner. If your air conditioner is constantly breaking down or abruptly stopping, it is time for its replacement. If you need AC repair Greenville NC, then you can contact Halltec HVAC for one of the top quality services.

Moreover, if you need to call up an AC contractor frequently, your AC has lived its life. 

You should consider buying a new AC if you are facing these issues. Frequent visits from a contractor can be heavy on your wallet. So, you should avoid that and go for a new air conditioner; else, you’ll end up paying more than the AC unit costs.

Costly Repairs 

Most of the time, people pay mindlessly for repairs thinking they would solve all their problems. However, it isn’t so. If you keep going for repairs, you are more likely to spend more than you’d need to spend on a new AC. 

So, if your air conditioner requires frequent and costly repairs, go for a new air conditioner. There may be different repairs every time, but it only points towards the ineffectiveness of the air conditioning unit. You can also contact air conditioning repair Greenville NC, to know when you need replacement. 

Your AC Unit Has Exceeded its Lifespan

Every appliance has a certain number of years that it can be used. Similarly, you can use your air conditioning unit for ten years only. Commonly, your air conditioner would stop working once it has crossed the ten years limit. 

So, if your air conditioner hasn’t been working correctly, check the date when it was installed. It’ll let you know whether it has exceeded its lifespan or not. If it has, you should browse for new air conditioning units. You should go for new models as they provide relatively more benefits than old models.

Your Home Doesn’t Feel Comfortable:

Lastly, ask yourself whether your Home feels comfortable with your AC on or not. If you are satisfied with your air conditioner’s service, then you don’t need any replacement. However, if you have witnessed your AC not cooling enough, you should consider a replacement. 

On the other hand, several times, it’s just the evaporator coil that needs to be cleaned to get the cooling back to normal. Thus, it is necessary that you consider all aspects and then only make the decision for replacement.

If you are looking for HVAC service Greenville NC, you should contact Halltec HVAC. We will make sure all your requirements are fulfilled. Moreover, our skilled professionals make our service the best. Contact us at 252-221-3850 to know more! 

How to Maintain Your HVAC in Spring Season

Spring season is the arrival of summer weather – which means it is time for a change. HVAC systems look after both your heating and cooling requirements. Thus, as the weather changes, you need to prepare these systems as well. 

Spring is the best time to maintain your HVAC and prepare it for heating. If you are wondering how to do that, we have got you covered. Below is a guide to HVAC repair Greenville NC, in the spring season.

Unblock and Clean Air Vents

The air vents of your HVAC unit are one of the essential components. Thus, you need to make sure they are all clean and tidy. After constant use, air vents are often cluttered with dirt and debris. Make sure you clean it up, so the dirt doesn’t act as an obstruction. 

The other thing your air vents require is open spaces. So, make sure there is nothing that is blocking your air vents. If there is anything in front of your air vents, ensure that you move it aside. Unblocked air vents are necessary for proper heating during winter. Therefore, you should remember these things.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

Since you must have been using your HVAC unit for cooling, your thermostat must be working according to that. Therefore, it is time that you adjust your thermostat according to your requirements. If you have already adjusted your thermostat, you can skip this.

Remember to turn your AC unit off as you don’t need it anymore. Aside from that, it would help if you turned the heating on to ensure that everything worked smoothly. It will allow you to get any that you might need beforehand. Consequently, you’ll be ready for the winters. If you require air conditioning services Greenville NC, then you are at the right place. We offer the best AC services to our clients.

Replace Air Filters

Much like air vents, air filters need proper cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended that you change your air filters every three months to keep your HVAC unit working efficiently. You should also regularly clean your air filters, so your cooling remains uninterrupted.

Air filters are responsible for heating as well as cooling. If your air filters are dirty, you will experience less heating than usual. So, it is recommended that you prepare your air filters before the season arrives. It will only add to your comfort and make you all set for the season.

Schedule an Inspection

Most of the maintenance that is required by HVAC units, you can do it yourself. However, it is suggested that you schedule an inspection once every year at least. It is to make sure there isn’t any damage or leakage that can cause a problem in the future. 

Moreover, finding repairs earlier is beneficial as you can solve the problem before it gets severe. So, make sure you contact professionals to carry out a regular inspection for any repairs.

That was all! If you are looking for an AC contractor Greenville NC, you should contact Halltec HVAC. We will make sure all your needs are met in the best way possible. You can contact us at 252-221-3850 to know more!

4 Common Causes of AC Blowing Warm Air

Most Common Causes of AC Blowing Warm Air

Have you ever faced a situation wherein your AC suddenly started blowing warm air? Most of us cannot deny that we have been in situations like these where the AC started acting weird out of nowhere. One would consider themselves lucky to fix an issue like this with a change in the thermostat settings. But what if the thermostat settings are just fine and the issue is something else. Well, in this post, we discuss just that. Let us walk you through some of the most common causes of an AC blowing warm air.

1. Low (or Leaking) Refrigerant

A relatively common cause of an air-conditioner blowing warm air is a low or leaky refrigerant. Refrigerant is a liquid that runs through your AC, and its main job is to enable cooling. The refrigerant’s job is to absorb environmental heat and provide cool air. A leaking refrigerant potentially lowers the system’s cooling power (depending on the size of the leak). Do NOT put in more refrigerant without repairing the leak; it might result in costly repairs in the near future. A good idea would be to leave the job to a technician.

2. Dirty Condenser Coil

A dirty condenser coil could be one of the many reasons your AC is blowing warm air. A condenser coil’s job is to release the heat outside. But in the process, it tends to get exposed to all sorts of outdoor elements (dust, foliage, trash, et al.). This, in turn, affects the coil’s functioning, thereby leading to your AC throwing warm air.

3. Clogged Air Filter

It may sound strange, but the fact is that your air conditioner relies on the warm air of your room for its cooling. The AC absorbs warm air from the room, cools it down with the refrigerant and cooling coils’ help, and then throws it (in the form of cooler air) back into the room. But during the process of absorbing air from your room, the air filter removes dust or any other contaminants from it. In this process, the air filter tends to get clogged, reducing the amount of warm air that an AC can absorb. As a result, the cooling gets hampered. To avoid this, you must clean your air filters on a regular basis.

Contact Halltec HVAC one of the top-rated AC contractor Greenville NC  for best AC services.

4. Duct Issues

If your AC is blowing warm air, it could be a duct-related issue. The most common duct issue is closed or blocked vents that don’t allow ducts to throw back the cool air into the room. Another duct-related issue is the duct getting clogged due to lack of maintenance. If you have been neglecting your air conditioner’s maintenance, the chances are that your AC duct has accumulated dust and debris, which is preventing proper airflow. Similarly, any leaks, cracks, or holes in the ductwork can lead to loss of cool air from the system, thereby resulting in your AC throwing warm air.

Are you looking for an air conditioning repair contractor in Greenville, NC?

If you face any issues with your air conditioning unit, we at Halltec HVAC are here to help. We are one of the most reputable HVAC repair Greenville NC. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians is committed to providing the best services to our clients. To schedule an appointment, call us at 252-221-3850.

Top 3 AC Filters for Your HVAC System

Most Popular AC Filters for Your HVAC System

Replacing the air filter on a regular basis can work wonders for your HVAC system. It helps boost the HVAC unit’s efficiency and reduce energy bills. Ideally, one should change their HVAC unit’s air filters every 2-3 months, but just in case the HVAC unit is exposed to a lot of dust, dirt, dander, and other pollutants, the replacement should be more frequent.

Now that you know how important air filters are, let us shift the focus to choosing the right air filter for an HVAC unit. There are several air filter types available in the market. We, however, will focus our discussion on the three most common air filters that are regarded the best for any HVAC repair Greenville NC. Let’s take a look.

1. HEPA Filters

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA air filters are a type of pleated mechanical filter that can remove a minimum of 99.97% of dirt, dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and similar airborne particles that are 0.3 microns (µm) or more in size. HEPA filters provide one of the highest levels of protection against harmful microorganisms and other air components that may be detrimental to your and your family’s health. If you are looking for AC replacement Greenville NC. Get in touch with us today for wonderful services.

  • Pros: One of the major advantages of using HEPA filters is their efficiency in purifying the air. The engineers have designed it to efficiently capture larger pollutants (pollen, pet dander, etc.) and keep you safe. Most importantly, they are budget-friendly and easy to remove. You do not need to change them every year.


  • Cons: The downside of using HEPA filters is – they cannot capture fumes, odors, gasses, and other pollutants, such as mold spores, etc. Pollutants like the mold that get stuck on the filter reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency, thereby reducing the air filter’s expected lifespan.


2. Electrostatic Filters

As the name suggests, electrostatic filters work on the principle of electrostatics. The electrostatic filters are made of cotton and paper fibers that act as magnets for all the harmful dust and airborne particles. They create a static that traps the harmful allergens and prevents them from entering the HVAC system.

  • Pros: Electrostatic filters are recyclable. You can easily use them again. They are budget-friendly and help you save on your money. Plus, they also help improve indoor air quality.


  • Cons: They fail to handle larger pollutants such as dust and mold spores. And therefore, they are not beneficial for patients with respiratory disorders.

3. UV Filters

UV filters or Ultraviolet filters use short-wave UV light that kills harmful microorganisms (viruses and bacteria). These have germicidal radiation, which acts as a disinfectant. However, they are not that effective in screening against pollutants like dust.

One probable threat of UV filters is – they can transform oxygen into ozone which can be very dangerous to the health. This can lead to respiratory issues ranging from minor symptoms like coughing, chest pain to major respiratory issues like worsening of an existing asthma patient’s asthma condition.


  • Pros: An important benefit of using this filter is that it can even destroy harmful pollutants such as mold and germs, thereby preventing respiratory issues.


  • Cons: Disadvantages of UV filters is – they are quite costly to install. They fail to capture gases, cigarette smoke, and fumes. Most importantly, they are ineffective against some of the most common pollutants like dust and allergens.


If you still have any doubts and need help choosing the right air filter for your HVAC unit or are looking for an AC contractor Greenville NC, we at Halltec HVAC are here to help. We provide one of the most reliable AC repair Greenville NC, and nearby areas. We can help you with your HVAC unit’s repair, replacement, or maintenance-related issues. Call us at 252-221-3850 and schedule a technician visit today.

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality impacts the health. Low indoor air quality is associated with many health issues. It can cause respiratory problems, irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions.

To improve indoor air quality, follow the below steps. Do the simple things right, and you will do well.

Here are simple yet effective ways to improve indoor air quality:

Control Humidity Levels 

Studies show that the ideal relative humidity for an average home is between 30 and 50 percent. Anything under 30 percent is too dry; anything over 50 percent is too high and can support mold growth.

Maintain recommended humidity levels to prevent dust mites, mold, and other pollutants from thriving. Use a thermostat to monitor humidity levels. Dehumidifiers are great to use to remove moisture from the air.

Develop a plan to reduce moisture in your bathroom. Install a recirculating fan in your half-bath or tuck a dehumidifier in a corner in your bathroom. To keep humidity and resulting problems in check, always turn on the bathroom fan 10 minutes before taking a shower and leave it on for 20 minutes after using your bathroom.

Change Your HVAC System’s Filter Regularly 

HVAC system filters trap airborne contaminants, including dirt and dust particles, mold spores, and dander. Over time, these filters get clogged with contaminants. An HVAC system with clogged filters is unable to remove contaminants and particulates from the air.

The leading cause of low indoor air quality is clogged air filters. Clogged filters can also lead to airflow issues, forcing your HVAC system to work harder. An overworked system can go kaput anytime.

To prevent these problems, replace your filters regularly. HVAC service Greenville NC recommends replacing filters every 30-90 days. Consider filters with a higher MERV rating. The higher the MERV rating of a filter, the better is its ability to capture airborne particles.

Stay on Top of Your HVAC System Maintenance 

The importance of regular HVAC system maintenance is quite essential and necessary. During a maintenance session, your AC contractor will look for signs of current and potential issues.

The technician will lubricate, clean, and repair/replace different HVAC system parts. Water can condense on your AC’s cooling coils. Your HVAC contractor will replace filters and clean the outdoor unit to prevent moisture problems.

Is your HVAC system acting up? Halltec HVAC can help. We are one of the most renowned AC contractors Greenville NCOur team comprises seasoned HVAC technicians. Our team will create a maintenance plan to keep your HVAC system healthy year-round. To schedule an inspection, call 252-221-3850.

Should You Upgrade Your HVAC System Before Putting Your Home on the Market?

Your HVAC system can affect the market value of your house. Given that the HVAC system has a significant impact on home comfort, it should come as no surprise that its condition is one of the deciding factors for most homeowners when buying the house.

An outdated system can lower your home value and turn off potential homebuyers. A study found that homes with energy-efficient HVAC systems have a 5-8 percent higher selling value than those that don’t. No wonder upgrading their HVAC systems is one of the first things many homeowners do before putting their homes on the market. We offer air conditioning services Greenville NC at a reasonable price.

Not sure if you should upgrade your system before selling your home? Here’s how to tell. 

Your System Is Too Old

Every machine comes with an expiration date; HVAC systems are no exception. A typical HVAC system has a lifespan of 15-20 years. As HVAC systems age, they start losing efficiency. An old HVAC system needs more energy than usual to heat or cools the home.

Old systems are highly unreliable and need frequent repairs. They also pose fire and other risks. When you plan on selling your home, an old or inefficient HVAC system can be a dealbreaker. If your system is nearing its service life, it makes sense to upgrade to a new system.

You Hear Weird Noises Coming from Your HVAC System

Weird noises coming from your HVAC system can indicate a severe and irreversible problem. Weird noises such as rattling, squealing, popping, or buzzing can be caused by several issues ranging from faulty ductwork to motor failure. Avoid the temptation of jumping to a conclusion. In many cases, a repair will suffice. The technicians can identify the root of the problem for AC repair Greenville NC. They will determine whether replacing the system is the best option.

Your HVAC System Breaks Down Frequently 

You won’t want your system to break down while you are giving a home tour to a potential buyer, would you? If your system needs frequent repairs, you might want to replace it before putting your house on the market. An unreliable system can break down at any moment, leaving the occupants high and dry. It ranks high on the list of homebuyer turn-offs to avoid.

Halltec HVAC is a top-rated contractor for HVAC repair Greenville NC. Whether you have a minor heating/cooling issue or are grappling with a significant problem, our team will develop a cost-effective and sustainable solution. To schedule an appointment, call 252-221-3850