It is sometimes difficult to figure out how to stop your heater from tripping the reset switch. By providing practical advice, we will dispel some common HVAC myths and keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

The furnace reset button: what you need to know.

On all home furnaces, a red reset button is easily visible. This safety feature automatically shuts down your furnace as soon as a problem is detected. Getting your system started can be as simple as pressing a button when this happens by mistake. If resetting your furnace does not resolve the problem, you will need expert assistance. Furnace is not the only appliance which create trouble, AC and other heating and cooling devices are also difficult to manage, Contact AC repair Greenville NC.

What causes a reset button to trip?

The reset button of your furnace has a sensor that monitors the flame of your burner. When the flame goes out, the system shuts down to prevent damage. A burner’s flame can go out for several reasons, some of which require professional assistance. There are several reasons why a burner’s flame goes out:

Lack of fuel

The most common cause of furnace failure is running out of heating oil. Maintaining a full oil tank has several advantages since your burner depends on fuel. If a lack of fuel trips the furnace reset button, contact our professional for heat pump service. Halltech HVAC offers superior heat pump service in Greenville, NC and the surrounding areas.

Closed valves

If you have oil in your tank, but your oil reset button keeps tripping, something must prevent the fuel from reaching your burner. Some valves in your fuel line may have been accidentally closed. Make sure you have checked it before moving on.

Here's how to reset your oil furnace.

It would be best to locate the reset button for oil furnaces that run and then shut off.

  • The reset button is usually located inside the compartment on the side of the blower motor.
  • The first step is to locate your circuit breaker and shut off the furnace’s power supply. When you see your furnace on, push the button to reset it.
    In addition to pumping more oil into the furnace, pressing it again will worsen any existing problems.
  • If resetting your furnace doesn’t resolve the problem, you may need professional assistance. Check for the following issues you might be able to fix yourself if you are experienced with oil furnaces.
  • There are times when the reset button is triggered because the furnace does not receive enough air. Ensure the vents are open so the furnace has enough air to operate.
  • Occasionally, the flame sensor rod gets dirty and shuts the furnace off. Regularly wipe it off to keep it clean.
  • Low fuel levels can also cause burner failure. In this case, add more fuel, and reset the burner.

If all three things have been addressed and the burner shuts off, it might be time to call a professional.


If your oil burner reset button keeps tripping and it’s not due to an empty tank or shut valve, you should call our heating oil service professional.

Halltech HVAC offers superior HVAC services, including heating replacement Greenville NC and the surrounding areas. Our professional can determine the cause of the problem and suggest appropriate repairs with the right tools and expertise. If your burner reset button keeps tripping, schedule a heating maintenance service with us.