Heating: Furnace Service In Ayden, Greenville, Winterville, NC and Surrounding Areas

Heating: Furnace Service In Ayden, NC

Heating: Furnace Service in Ayden, Greenville, Winterville, and Surrounding Areas.

If you’re in the market for heater service in Ayden, Greenville, Winterville, NC and surrounding areas, then you can trust Halltec HVAC for all of your heating and cooling needs. Your heater needs regular servicing to keep it operating at its best.

High Quality Heater Servicing

At Halltec, we urge our clients to have preventive maintenance performed on their heating systems to keep them in tip top shape. Regular maintenance on your heating system is the equivalent of getting a regular tune-up for your car. We perform a multi-point inspection of your system that includes:

Cleaning coils as needed

Checking heat exchangers for leakage
Checking both outdoor and indoor units
Make sure all parts of the unit are in working order
We cover all the bases when it comes to HVAC service Greenville NC. You can trust our guarantee for quality service.

Our Customers Are Our Priority

Our company values its customers. We consider customer relationships to be of utmost importance, which is why we cultivate them as much as possible. From offering a high level of customer service to offering special offers and contests via our social media, we aim to please you so that you’ll keep coming back to us in the future. Our heating and cooling services are tweaked and designed with you in mind so that you receive the highest level of customer care that we can offer. We also welcome your feedback, as it helps us to improve our services.

We “Fix It First”

One thing that sets our company apart is that we come to every job with a “fix it first” mentality. That means we will always try to correct any issues with your system before we recommend replacing it. We consider ourselves an honest and transparent company, so we’ll always be upfront with you about everything concerning your heating system. We’ll never suggest the most expensive option unless we’ve exhausted all other possibilities.

Call Us To Schedule Your Heating Service

We’re proud to offer furnace service and heating replacement Winterville, Ayden, Greenville, Winterville, NC, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (252) 221-3850 and one of our staff members will happily assist you. You can also send us a message. Also, like us on Facebook for news on contests, helpful tips, and special offers to our customers. You can also check out ratings and reviews from our customers.


How Often Does A Heater Need To Be Serviced?

The frequency at which a heater owner needs to service the appliance depends on its age and number of working hours. For example, an old heater that works excessively needs at least two heater services each year to maintain efficiency. On the other hand, a newly-purchased heater may need only one service annually to ensure that its parts do not face wear and tear. 

How Do You Service A Heater?

Heater owners should contact professional and experienced technicians to service the heaters. However, owners can take care of the heaters by following a few steps. Cleaning and replacing air filters, inspecting the air intake grilles for blockages and growth, checking the condition of the heat exchanger, and lubricating a few visible parts are some steps that owners can do without professional assistance to maintain their heaters. 

How Do I Know When My Heater Needs Service?

Heater owners should know the common malfunctioning signs in a heater that indicate the need for a heater service:

  • The heater gives off a burning smell while working.
  • The heater makes a lot of noise when it starts functioning.
  • The monthly energy bills have an unexpected hike.
  • The heater compressor runs continuously.
  • The system has frequent short cycles.
  • Hot and cold pockets throughout the house.
  • Poor indoor air quality and humidity levels.
  • Increased breathing problems with the family members.
  • Dirty and clogged air filters.

What To Do When The Heater Is Not Working?

A heater owner should not panic if the heater suddenly stops working and faces a breakdown. Instead, the owner should try a few troubleshooting tips, like checking the breaker for trips, checking the heater power supply, cleaning and replacing the air filters, checking the thermostat setting, flushing the drain lines, and removing blockages from the ducts. If nothing helps, the owner should contact HallTec for a heater service schedule.

What Are Common Furnace Problems?

Here are some common furnace problems that furnace owners often face:

  • A malfunctioning thermostat.
  • Clogged or blocked air filters.
  • The pilot light is of unusual color.
  • Cracks in the heat exchanger.
  • A malfunctioning blower belt.
  • Frequent short-cycling.
  • A malfunctioning limit switch.
  • No air from the furnace.
  • Worn ball bearings.
  • Unwanted noises from the furnace.

Furnace owners can fix some of these problems without professional assistance, but professional assistance will help fix the problem permanently.

How Can I Avoid Furnace Repair?

Furnace repair bills are an unwanted addition to the monthly expenditure of furnace owners. The best way to avoid furnace repairs is to take proper care of the furnace. Following these tips can help furnace owners avoid furnace repairs to a large extent:

  • Ensure that the air filters are clean and unclogged.
  • Contact professionals for regular maintenance schedules.
  • Regularly check the vents for cloggings.
  • Keep a few feet of space near your furnace empty.

What Does A Furnace Service Include?

furnace service schedule involves a thorough and complete inspection of the furnace. The technicians follow steps like cleaning the system to remove dirt and dust, replacing the air filters for better indoor air quality, checking the vents and drain lines for cloggings, and fixing minor problems.

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