Maintenance services provide a helping hand in extending the life of your air conditioning system. However, one day you will need to replace your air conditioning system. But do you know the right time to replace the air conditioning system?

Well, our AC replacement in Greenville, NC, will help you determine whether it is time to replace your old air conditioning system or invest in a new air conditioner.

Indications You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning System!

Here are some signs that indicate you need to start looking for a new air conditioning system:

Warm Air From the AC Vents

Maintenance services might fix this problem, but if your AC system is more than ten years old, the inefficient air is related to the exhaustion of AC components. AC compressor exhaustion or low refrigerant levels leads to the delivery of warm air from the AC vents.

Increased Moisture Content in the Air

If the air in your indoors feels heavy and you do not feel comfortable even when the AC system is operating, then there is a spike in the moisture levels in the home.

Frequent Calls to AC Repair Technicians

If you have frequently contacted a technician to fix HVAC-related problems, you should invest in a new air conditioning system.

According to the air conditioning repair in Greenville, NC, it is better to install a new conditioning system instead of spending on repairs. Repairing will degrade the quality of services significantly.

Increased Electricity Bills

Dirty air filters, malfunctioning blower motors, or low refrigerant levels can be why your electricity bill is increasing.

An AC compressor is the air conditioning system’s most expensive and vital part. If the AC compressor is malfunctioning, then you should replace the AC system.

Loud and Disturbing Noises

Noise tells about the different issues building inside the air conditioning system. A shrieking noise indicates issues in the fan or compressor motor, whereas screeching noise is a sign of a damaged blower fan.

How to Know Whether it is the Right Time for a Replacement?

  1. According to AC service in Winterville, NC, some other signs that indicate replacement is the best viable option:
  2. Replacement is your go-to option if the AC system uses R-22 refrigerant because EPA discontinued the use of R-22 due to its harmful impact on the environment.
  3. The water around the indoor or outdoor unit is a sign of leakage issues. Contact the air conditioning repair in Winterville, NC, to fix the issue. Refrigerant leakage issues from copper coils can be expensive.
  4. Rusted mechanical components increase the chances of AC system breakdown.
  5. If you have renovated your house, you need to look for a system based on the new household structure.

To Sum It Up

Maintaining a malfunctioning or faulty air conditioning system is a waste of money that could be used to purchase a new one. A new air conditioning system will deliver world-class quality services, and you can sleep peacefully in the summer.

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