With increased use, there is a possibility that when your HVAC equipment malfunctions , it may  first result in loud noises which indicate system failure. These nine signs will help you identify your unit’s failure. 

Warning signs for emergency heating repairs.

Age of the furnace

The average furnace lasts for 15 to 20 years. You might be able to use it for up to 25 years in exceptional cases. Pay extra attention to your furnace when it is 15 to 20 years of age, as it may face malfunctions, strange sounds, or smells. If you notice any of these signs, call us professional for  HVAC service Greenville NC, immediately.

Increased energy bills

Is the price of heating skyrocketing? If you see this, you may be nearing the end of your furnace’s life. The furnace is responsible for maintaining a constant temperature within the residence at all times. A thermostat that does not heat your house as efficiently as it used to may run for an extended period, consuming more energy. Contact the best Heating repair Winterville NC to save your money.

Yellow pilot flame

There is a blue pilot flame on a perfectly functioning furnace. Yellow indicates poor combustion; however if you notice that the color has changed to yellow. There is a possibility that your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide, which is harmful.

Therefore, if you see a yellow pilot light coupled with a rotten egg odor, turn off the furnace immediately and call our expert for heating replacement. With years of experience, Halltec is qualified to assist you with all of your HVAC concerns, specializing in services near Greenville, NC and nearby areas. Halltec HVAC also provide AC repair Greenville NC.

The furnace is making loud noises.

A furnace that makes unusual or loud noises must be addressed regardless of age. Whenever your furnace makes a strange noise, it can be due to something normal, such as twigs or debris getting stuck in your blower or filters, or something more severe, such as broken or failing components, ductwork damage, etc. Old furnaces may suffer from such problems as a result of such occurrences.

No hot air

The lack of heat in your house might seem obvious, but it signals an impending furnace breakdown. There are several possible causes, but the most common is an issue with the engine in the blower fan. In the event of a blower fan failure, the furnace will not be able to blow air throughout the house effectively.

Some areas of the house may experience cold spots as a result. The heating element or pilot light could also be a problem if your furnace isn’t generating any warm air. A competent expert will need to examine it to determine if any repairs are needed.

Dust blowing from furnaces.

Dirty air filters or soot accumulation in the ductwork are usually the cause of dust coming from furnaces. The dust and soot blow into the heating components, causing them to blow dust every time your furnace is turned on. You should have heating maintenance Greenville NC, to prevent more severe problems from occurring.

With years of experience, Halltech is qualified to care for all your HVAC service requirements. Whether you need installation or regular maintenance, our technicians are trained to meet your needs.