How Can You Take Care Of Your Heating System?

Winter has started in North Carolina and heating system owners have begun preparing their systems. If your heating system is showing problems while working, you can contact heating repair Winterville NC, to get your system serviced.

Ideally, you should call your technician for the maintenance of your heating system once a year. This maintenance will ensure that your system does not have any major problems that can affect its efficiency and heating capacity in the future. Here are some minor changes that can help you maintain your heating system:

What Steps Does the Technician Follow?

Many heating system owners tend to call their technicians heating service in Greenville, NC when their systems show major issues. This delay can lead to irreparable damage to the heating system. To avoid these problems it is better to call an HVAC technician to check the functioning of the heating source.

The technician will check whether the seal of the heating source chamber is secure, as most of the common problems regarding heating systems occur due to the broken seal of this chamber.

Heating Tips

A working heating system has a direct impact on how the heat is utilized from the heating system in the home. You can decrease the working time of the heating system with some simple tips and changes that will further decrease the energy consumption and the electricity bill. Some include:

  • Ensuring the thermostat in rooms with less usage and people should be down. Since these rooms do not have many usages and are mostly closed, there is no need to maintain their temperatures.
  • Remember to lower the house’s temperature when you are away for more than four hours in the day. You can also lower the temperature during the night as there is no opening and closing of doors and windows, so there will be less heat loss. Some thermostats come equipped with this setting. You can contact a technician for heating service Greenville NC, to know about this setting.
  • You can contact your HVAC company to set the thermostat in a way that temperature is suitable for moderate weather days. Cleaning of the air vents and radiators will also ensure proper heating of the house.

How Can You Lower Energy Costs?

The best way to keep your energy costs in check is to ensure that your heating system gets regular maintenance and servicing. It will ensure that all the heating system components are in their best condition possible and are not consuming more energy than needed. You can also change the filters of the furnace frequently to take care of your heating system.

Maintaining your heating system without professional help can be hard for owners. Let HallTec take care of your heating system at affordable rates and permanent solutions. Look for heating repair in Winterville, NC, or contact us at (252) 221-3850 or email us at to know about the various HVAC services and prices.

Unknown Benefits of A Hybrid Heating System For Your Home

Not many owners know about a hybrid heating system and its benefits. A hybrid heating system is a combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. This combination gives more heating efficiency, lesser operational costs, and wide versatility to the owners. Contact heating replacement Winterville to know more about how a hybrid system works.

A hybrid heating system gives the benefits of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump in the same system. Here are the four most important benefits of a hybrid heating system that will make you purchase it:

  • Higher Efficiency Levels

A hybrid heating system gives you more heating efficiency than the latest models of gas furnaces and electric heat pumps. It uses thermal energy to warm up the house, and thermal heating is more effective and efficient than other methods. The system takes the heat generated from the system’s heater and spreads it in the whole house for quicker and more efficient warming.

  • Lesser Pollution

Not only does a hybrid heating system warm up your home quicker than other heating methods, but also it contributes to the saving of the environment. A hybrid heating system has lesser emissions and energy consumption, and in turn, there is a lesser carbon footprint that it leaves. It preserves the environment with the help of a less carbon footprint. 

Contact your technician for heater service in Winterville, NC, if you are planning to install your hybrid heating system.

  • Money Efficient System

Since a hybrid heating system consumes fewer electricity thanks to a thermal heating system, it helps in reducing your electricity bill to an extent. The thermal energy healing process and less electricity consumption control your electricity bill and help your savings. Contact your technician for heat pump service Greenville NC, to replace your existing heating system with a hybrid heating system.

  • Lesser Noise

A hybrid heating system has blower fans with settings having multiple speeds. This feature allows the system to operate with little to no noise. Other heating systems tend to create much noise with the passing years of their age, but a hybrid heating system keeps its noise in check and functions with no noise pollution.

A hybrid heating system has many other benefits; it lasts longer than the traditional heating system methods and can warm or cool your home according to the season throughout the year. However, they can be a little costly to install due to the installation costs of both the gas furnace and electric heat pump in it. 

You can contact your HVAC company to know about the installation cost of the hybrid heating system, its advantages, and disadvantages in more detail.

Let HallTec install your hybrid heating system at an affordable and reasonable rate. Look for heater service Winterville NC, or contact us at (252) 221-3850. You can also email us at to know about our various HVAC services and prices.

Why Should You Call A Professional To Install A Gas Water Heater?

If you are considering installing a new gas water heater yourself, you must reconsider the decision after evaluating the risks involved. Installing a water heater may seem easy, but the project is not as simple as you think. The consequences of making simple mistakes can be serious. Just as you don’t treat yourself during ailments, you should not install a water heater yourself.

At Halltec HVAC, we provide a professional heating replacement in Greenville, NC. In addition, we think it’s best to have professional help when installing a gas water heater in your home.

Of course, installing a water heater yourself can save some money, but without proper training and experience, this can be dangerous. We also provide heating service Greenville NC.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional to Install A Gas Water Heater 

Excluding the Risk of Fire 

Most of the water heaters in Greenville use gas, which means that you need to deal with an inflammable fuel when installing the device. Gas is highly flammable and just one mistake during the installation can put you at serious risk of fire. It is not advisable to install a gas water heater yourself as it could endanger the lives of your family.

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. In addition, it is hard for inexperienced installers to detect any leakage of carbon monoxide. Thus, during the installation of a gas water heater, your family may be exposed to a high level of carbon monoxide, which is harmful. Small mistakes in such a serious note can have major impacts, such as brain damage and death.

Having Adequate Product Knowledge 

Remember that a water heater is an electronic device and it takes a professional technician to handle the water heater mechanism. When you choose to install a water heater by watching online videos, remember that the video makers may have good intentions, but they cannot beat the product knowledge of a trained technician. Also, if you want to know the best-fitted water heater for your home, you need to ask a professional.

Getting Better Home Resale Value 

A time will come when you will finally decide to sell your home. If you have installed the water heater yourself, you may need to pay for inspection and permission. If you fail to meet the inspection requirements, you may need to pay for repairs and arrange for the reinstallation of your device. Therefore, it is quite possible that you will end up spending twice on the same job. If you want to alleviate stress and inconvenience when selling your home, it’s better to hire a licensed plumbing professional for a heating replacement Greenville NC.

Achieving Peace of Mind 

When you hire a professional plumber, you do not only get the job done perfectly, but you give yourself and your family complete peace of mind that your device is in excellent condition.

Remember that it is not worthwhile to risk your family’s safety and comfort just to save a few dollars. Halltec HVAC offers top-notch heating replacement in Greenville, NC. We have a specialized team for heater repair Greenville NC. Thus, we are a one-stop solution for all your water heater needs. Call 252-221-3850 to schedule a service.