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Safely Enjoy Your Fireplace All Season Long

This time of year we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, often becoming overwhelmed with our to-do lists. Between family events, traveling, shopping, decorating and corralling everything we each have going on, we sometimes overlook essential safety tips and practices that are ultimately lifesaving. As we begin to […]

Light Up Your Home This Holiday Season, Without Lighting Up Your Bill

After a hot summer here in Eastern North Carolina, winter is on approach. With that comes the need for heat; and as the year’s end approaches, holiday lights. While both of these are basically necessities, they also come with associated costs. However, there are always measures you can take to lower your monthly utility bill, […]

Getting Your HVAC Unit Ready for Colder Temperatures

Did someone say fall? I bet you’ve felt that little chill in the morning while letting your dog out or getting in your car. Believe it or not, the transition between summer and fall can be more significant for your HVAC unit than you think. Temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning and air pollutants are […]

Beat the Summer Heat with HALLTEC HVAC Modern, Reliable, Same-day Service

It’s officially summer in Eastern North Carolina. This means it’s hot, humid and often times, just a miserable feeling. The only bit of relief and refuge from the intense heat is a nicely air-conditioned home or office. But, what happens when the AC stops working properly? Call HALLTEC—a HVAC company committed to providing Greenville and […]

How to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient This Summer

Summer is here, and Mother Nature is giving us a pretty hot summer season. Most of us are probably running our air conditioners non-stop. What are some ways you can keep your home cool without paying extra on your energy bill? We encourage you to use this information as a guide to getting the most […]

Thermostat Smart Tips

Our North Carolina temperatures are heating up. Before we know it, we’ll need to use our air conditioners every day. We’re sharing some important information so you’ll be able to get the most significant benefits out of your thermostat, and you won’t have to break the bank while using your air conditioning. The Proper Temperature […]