heating and air conditioning in Greenville, NC

The extreme the temperature gets, the more we use our heating and air conditioning devices in Greenville, NC. And the more we use our systems, the warmer the environment gets. This sounds like a trap, isn’t it?

Over the past two decades, the record for peak electricity usage in most cities in New York has occurred during a heatwave. Millions of people turned their HVAC units at the same time, during such heatwaves. On a regular day where NC demands around 10,000 MW every second, the figure exceeds 13,000 MW during a heatwave. The combination of high demand and extreme temperature can also cause the AC components to fail and may lead to a complete blackout. If your AC is also creating trouble, contact Halltec HVAC for the best AC repair Greenville NC.

The Trap Has Become Graver with Time: A Comparison Between 2016 and 2020

Over 175,000 people were left without power for a week, and more than 40 people were killed during a heatwave in 2016. In 2020 by the 21st of July, when the temperature raised above 36 degrees centigrade and demanded more than 12,000 MW every second, it led to 24 hours of a power cut to 50,000 people. The state also had to arrange police help for the residents and dispense dry eyes for people the cool their homes.

Are You A Part of the Trap of Heating and Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC?

The world is getting hotter, and there is no doubt about it. And the scene is going to be increasingly familiar with time. Buying an air conditioner is perhaps the most popular and most accessible response to climate change. Still, air conditioners are almost a unique and power-hungry appliance that consumes more power than running for fridges at once. During a study in Beijing last year, it was found that 50% of the power capacity was being consumed by air conditioning during a heatwave. There are just one billion single room air conditioning systems in the world right now, but this is projected to reach two more than 4.5 billion by 2050. This is also projected that air conditioners will be consuming more than 15% of electricity worldwide and will produce 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. The only way to ensure that your heating or cooling systems are working properly is by contacting the most reliable heating maintenance Greenville NC.

The Heat Emission Cycle

Extreme temperatures lead to more air conditioning usage, and more air conditioning usage leads to a warmer temperature. This circle is no way lesser than a trap and blinds us closer to the original problem. The worldwide dominance of air conditioning usage was not inevitable in the 90s. There were only 400 million air conditioning units in the world back in 1990. And air conditioning systems were initially built for industrial use, which eventually came to be seen as an essential appliance and a symbol of modernity for comfort.

At Halltec HVAC, we believe that the world deserves to be in its best condition. At the same time, we also know that giving up on your home comfort and health is the most unlikely thing to do. We can’t leave without our air conditioners, but we can better do an environment-friendly use of our heating services Greenville NC. Ask our experts to know more about an environment-friendly usage of your HVAC system. 252-221-3850