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Halltec HVAC has been a trusted AC contractor Greenville NC the air conditioning and heating industry for many years in and around the Greenville, NC area. Our physical location is actually in Ayden, but we spend a lot of time in Greenville and Winterville. If you haven’t heard of us before now, welcome to our website! We truly hope to get the opportunity to earn your business.

Our Air Conditioning Services

You’d be surprised at the amount of AC replacements that we perform and then get a call or a review a few weeks later that says we’ve actually saved the homeowner money each month. The new units that are being manufactured today are so energy efficient that the money they were paying the electric company covers the monthly financing payment and then some. Now, that’s not every case that we handle, but it’s happened enough that we feel it’s worth sharing. 

Need a New AC?

If you’re considering getting a new unit, we give free estimates as well, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for AC installation Greenville NC. Our customer service team will be happy to guide you in the right direction!

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When your AC is no longer working as it should, it’s incredibly important to have a technician come diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. The reason why is that sometimes, what could have been a small fix, ends up being a much larger one due to the wear and tear of running with faulty parts. Call us for AC repair Greenville NC.

Troubleshoot Your Problem

We also have a troubleshooter that may help you eliminate small fixes like thermostat issues. Try it out below:


The key to a long-lasting air conditioning system is regular maintenance. Similar to any other piece of equipment, tune ups should happen before the unit is run for a long period of time, ideally during the spring time. 

Our Maintenance Plans

Halltec HVAC has maintenance plans for our customers that would like for us to come out twice per year (once for the AC, once for the furnace). If you’re interested, just let us know when you call.

Daikin Comfort Pro HVAC Contractor

AC Contractor in Greenville, NC - Halltech HVAC

We are proud to be a Daikin Comfort Pro contractor! With focus on quality, efficiency, and longevity, we are proud to install, service, and maintain Daikin equipment. 

Don’t have a Daikin unit yet? No worries, we work on all brands!

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